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IMT is a Levels Beyond Reach Engine Partner. Levels Beyond offers 3 levels of support for Reach Engine Studio, Bronze, Silver and Gold all for various costs. Support benefits are for a period of 36 months from the Date of Installation, and it is expressly acknowledged and understood that the first 12 months of Annual Support will be due on the Date of Installation of the software. Subsequent support payments will be due on the anniversary of the installation date.

Support Severity levels are consistent across all tiers of support:
Urgency Levels:

Urgency Level 1
Licensee is completely unable to use the Software, or the Software causes the system on which it is installed to crash, hang, or cease to function in a reliable manner.

Urgency Level 2
Licensee’s use of the Software is substantially impaired.

Urgency Level 3
Includes errors with the Software for which there may be a workaround and which do not currently threaten use of the Software.

Urgency Level 4
Includes typographical errors in documentation, inaccurate error messages, and other miscellaneous issues that have minimal impact on use of the Software.



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